2017 Black Freq Music Cheat Sheet

“All I have to do is stay black and die.”

“Two things in life are guaranteed, taxes and death.”

To the uninitiated, life and the living have finite constructs so it might as well be lived unchained and without those oppressive forces that seek to confiscate rights, liberty, pursuant of happiness, and even Gods. Yet and still, there are necessary limitations because those respects to power have to be paid. Taxes and debts to governments that are nice enough to let us choose the faces of while sticking full-fists in the raw asses of the masses with no gloves have to be given belly rubs. My bad, sometimes rhymes happen. Sometimes, speaking truth to power begs a rhyme or two. Sometimes, it just need to be broken down a different way so TBFS has put together a bit of a kit to get you through your Trump Slump or to support you in the continuation of your elevation…

Meditation is a must in 2017 but stillness and silence may not be all the time practical because we be having shit to do and what not. Word! Hopefully we are taking time to get those 5 deep breaths in 5 times a day. If that’s all the self-care you can spare then at least stick your earbuds in and sip this Hot Women slush from beginning to end. Passionate and soulful women sing these songs that resonant home, womanhood, earth, love, and yep, sex. Rolling Stone interviewed the producer Robert Crumb years ago and he spoke of Tahitian women that were ‘making a sound like they’re being fucked’ towards the end of the record. Sooooo in 2017 it’s still a ‘thing’ that women have sex… yeeep. They’re grabbing us by the pussy and telling us where we like it. And Oh yea, there is still that actual conversation we’re having about pro-choice. Pro-choice. Say it aloud and it will still sound dumb af and as ridiculous as pro-guns, pro-marriage, or pro-abortion. False choices presented through false narratives from false prophets. Whew!

#WomenWombsMatter #ToEveryone #NomatterWhatWeSay #ItisapparentlyEVERYONESbusiness #Everybodylooking #Womane1017  #WOWAP #BURR


Hot Women: Women Singers from the Torrid Regions

What about the nighttime? One thing about the nighttime is that it comes. If you keep the lights on in your house then it will seem like day (especially, if you live in Minnesota with this bright af snow). Electricity can be expensive if you pay for it. It may be more economical to keep the light on in you. Here is a tutorial on how to:


Apologies for the reminder that Maxwell’s last album wasn’t all that we’d thought it would be. It’s difficult to listen to Lalah in 2017 and not think about Maxwell. If you haven’t already then here it is again. It is hard to do it. Got it? Maxwell, *sigh smdh what were you doing on the lake by an ocean? Did you see Chris Farley’s van? Come back Maxwell. Not in 2024 either. Come back today! Whatever you do when you go away from us is BAD FOR YOU! Just stay here with us and let’s ride this thang out together baby. P.S. Maybe grow your hair back? Remember this you, Maxwell? We want the old Well back! Share this post if you agree 😉


What if we didn’t have to give up good music after the 90s? Wouldn’t it be hot if we could have that good ol’ school today? It may be a hopeless dream but then again, there has to be someone, somewhere, this is the World Wide Web right? J/k. I know exactly which extension to press for the aforementioned ascension, oh yes. The Black Freq Sheets didn’t have to go to the Underground, we live there. We enlisted Nashville music super shero, Younique to provide the prescribed vibe… Just press it.



  cheatsheetSpeaking of that real, what would 2017 (or any year for that matter) be without Hip-Hop? The Black Freq Sheets shutter to thinks or even attempt to imagine a world without that boombap or even our good friend Booms, the Beatkang, for that matter! We love things that make a big boom and a dope vibe, no secret there. We also love donuts. Hmmmmm…. Anyways, if you do NOT love donuts, you’re dismissed! #DonutSafeSpace


Liberation soon come. Freedom soon come. Today, you have to go to work. Tomorrow, you also have to go to work. Wednesday is hump day and then hopefully, lightning doesn’t strike on Thorsday but Friday? BayBE? It’s goes didown!


Alright, alright, maybe you and your crew aren’t sophisticated enough to enjoy a ol’ fashioned Nina Party but don’t fret crocheted croquet! We can still do this man! No time for anything less than forward motion progress in 2017. That diet you’ve been planning year by year is overdue to be placed in gear. That collage in your closet needs a frame, and we don’t have to talk about those clothes you haven’t worn in over a year (because you haven’t gone anywhere, not because they don’t fit). Take one of your five breath breaks now if you have’t already and let The Black Freq Sheets help you do the most difficult thing in creation. That’s right. You have ish to do! Let’s get started. Breath in and out. Remember to count to five on the inhale and the exhale. Long inhalations make for better relaxation. Keep going. Press play. Keep going… #Breathbih #Notimeforfakeones #JustsippingCoconutMilkwiththerealones #Thingstodo #otherthanyou #Thingstosee


On your journey through the great beyond, you may encounter some stumbling blocks as the ‘theys’ of the world are sure to unfurl a world of caca your way but just pivot and pray and if you really bout that life, I hear it’s very hard to run from a CZ P-01. People like to take liberties with your liberties sometimes and since this is the official TBFS 2017 Music Cheat Sheet it is a must to discuss your in mental security in perpetuity. If you were a b-boy or b-girl before or during the Bad Boy era than you know what it means not to be stopped and to make THEM ‘Take That’ instead…


Ultimately, moving forward means leaving the past behind. This doesn’t mean you forget, but it is important to understand how and that the day’s troubles are sufficient so ain’t nobody got time to be dwelling on the past and getting down about shit they can’t change. Stop the insanity! Let it go or at least begin to learn to in 2017. It is much harder than it looks. The most engaging writers have difficulty spelling out exactly what ritual or incantation is necessary to heal the cracked heart and transform feelings of lost to those of gain. Mariah Carey’s beast-of-a-songwriter ass had an album called The Art of Letting Go that didn’t have the answers either Sway! It’s going to take some growing and some learning and some aching and some maturation for that shit to be learned and skills to develop. Until then, take comfort in knowing that this music exist and have a spiritually prosperous 2017…


And then we woke up and everything was back to normal again. Up was up. Down was down. Music was still music. Oh wait. It’s not 1997 is it? It’s 20 years later and here we are reminiscing about the good old days like a Baby Boomer. Smh. Welp. The Golden Era was a pretty lit time and our music was on fleek. Not like this on-the-hook mumble-jumble they squeeze out of their tight asses in their tight ass jeans. Yep, thus spoke The Freqs! Until next time… let’s get them vibes in here… Hell RZA turn that up man!

Keep freqin’





Fair Use and what not.


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